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Spring 2011

Page history last edited by Barbara Bridges 11 years, 11 months ago


HR Students. Please make your page exciting. Post your Independent research project summary etc. with at least one  visual or UTube or snappy launch of some kind. Include a LINK to a biography of you.  Introduce your guest with text and/or pictures with which your guest feels comfortable.  NOTE:YOUR GUEST WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO POST UNLESS YOU SIGN THEM UP FOR A WIKI ACCOUNT. YOU WILL NEED THEIR EMAIL TO COMPLETE THIS ACCESS TASK.


Alessio, Joshua

Bankeroff, Nancy

Stevens, Darla

Rust, Laura

Morrison, Daniel

Miller, Marissa

Mattei, Brenda

Larson, Denise

Lakeberg, Joseph

Hsueh, May

Goulet, Jaime

Engel, Kevin J

Buhr, Katherine

Bennett, Genevieve

Westby, Erika

O'Neil, Anna

Murray, Elizabeth

Lonnquist, Hayley

Larson, Abby

Johnson, Zachary

Krawchuk, Lindsey

Voller, Joshua
Jon Weinhold
Zuck, David






Comments (1)

Glenn D'Amour said

at 7:37 pm on Jan 26, 2012

Hello my name is Glenn D'Amour and I'm not sure what to do now. His short biography for me would be something like this. I was in the restaurant industry for over 35 years where I was a certified executive chef. About five years ago I got the opportunity to land a teaching job in a career tech education school for high school students and I jumped on it. Because I screwed around when I was younger and ended up with a culinary degree but no bachelor degree I was told that I needed to take some career tech education classes and get a bachelor degree. Apparently this year that bachelor degree requirement has been dropped but I'm 30 credits from getting it so I'm going to finish. I love what I do, I've wanted to affect kids that they high school age for some time now. I've been taken this human relations class from Dr. Barbara Bridges where I have loved the content and then pushed to the max. I'm not sure what else to do here I was just invited to come here by Dr. Bridges, but as usual I'm probably missing something.:)

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