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Book 1

Page history last edited by Sara Burnett 8 years, 2 months ago

Name: Anonymous


Live in St. Cloud and owns a house with my wife


Cultural background is Southeast Asia


Growing up was a little tough, middle or lower middle class family, had to work from a very early age


Not much of anything available as a kid but had good hard working parents and grandparents


Have a normal mediocre Muslim family


Have a Bachelors Degree


Have worked in the food industry for 23 years and currently owns his own restaurant 


Have 3 kids


Nothing prominent as far as negative experiences because of race but couldn't climb up the ladder at work whether how much hard or smart I worked but I could be looking from a wrong angle.


During all these years I got to know some of the finest people and became friends with them and encountered some that needed to open up their minds and hearts.  Some made judgment calls by the looks and accent and some were just plain ignorant. For example this woman was really mad because her delivery was late and after she noticed my accent she had some special words for me like towel head, and many more. 


I still come across ignorants like this business owner who thinks Somalis should adopt American way of life by not wearing their traditional clothing and this is one of the hardest working person I know. 


But overall most people I meet are decent and caring. 


Five words to describe myself: Family-work/hardworking-loyal-passionate-caring 


    Do you see me differently now?



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